When you paste an email in to the form on the front page, you are handing over a temporary copy of that email to me. I will not share that data with anybody else, unless I am legally/violently compelled to. However, it may be possible for others to see the email by visiting the correct page, because it is only protected by the fact that it is difficult to guess the randomly generated code which your message is allocated at submit time. There is no publicly scrapable index of those codes and good robots are told to not index/follow anything they find on the pages which display your email.

I delete all emails after a period of time specified by you when you submit the email. If you need an email to be deleted sooner, please contact me and I will manually remove it.

This website doesn't include any cross-domain requests. No Google-Analytics or anything similar. JavaScript is optional, and is simply used to add a few nice UI effects and performance enhancements. Cookies? Nope. Flash? Hell no.

Don't trust me? You don't have to. This website has been released under the GPL(v3), so you can view the source and even host your own copy. Patches welcome.

Mike Cardwell

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