Paste the raw source of an email into the form on the front page. The email will then be parsed, decoded, separated into its various MIME parts, and displayed in an easy to view fashion. Image attachments will be displayed as images. HTML parts will be rendered in webkit (with javascript and plugins disabled) and then also displayed as an image. IP addresses in headers and message bodies will be identified and highlighted along with a flag representing their origin country. Hostnames and email addresses will also be identified and highlighted.

What's the point? If you run email systems for a living, you may find this useful as tool for quickly identifying important information in emails you find in your message queues and mailboxes.

Don't trust me? You don't have to. This website has been released under the GPL(v3), so you can view the source and even host your own copy. Patches welcome.

You may wish to read the sites privacy policy too; I tried to keep it short and informative.

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